Fixed Price Model

Send us your project requirements, we examine and give you the fixed cost and time-line. Get your work delivered on time . These work costs are in turn is connected to well-defined milestones. Skywide at the start of the project bidding process defines these milestones with the cost break-up at each of these milestones thus enabling the client to cut down risk by visibly observation development of the project.

Hourly Price Model

This model is also known as Time and Material model. If you are not sure on the time and cost it would take to get the work done, we proposed Time and material model. You get charged for the sum of time we work on your tasks. How Time and Material Model Works

  • Customer’s Requirement
  • Analysis, Doubts and Value Elements
  • Client’s Statements and Reply
  • Skywide Gives Hourly Proposal and Agreements
  • Customer’s work kickoff and Approval
  • Ongoing Work Requests and Alterations
  • Executions of Change Request
  • Project closing and Customer’s Solutions

Hire Dedicated Model

This engagement model basically determines group spirit. In this type of hire dedicated model, development center houses holds a team of expert developers who have relevant and special skill sets. This is also an enlargement of trust between the company and clients and a reflection of a long-term affiliation. As follows, there are some of the benefits of this business model:

A hand-picked team is available for customers and it entirely works only for that customer.

A customer hence acquires greater control, sense of happiness and clarity along with direct communication.

Greater flexibility in each and every stage of development including alteration management.

Since there is greater adaptability, developers can always use agile methods to develop the applications.

Equivalence to fixed price model, this is a cost effective price model and activity load is fairly divided between the team members.

This type of engagement model is best suitable for those customers who are occupied in multiple projects, product development, product betterment and assistance, product modification and fixing, etc.

On Site Model

As the term is self-obvious, in this type of business model, both company and the developers are able to communicate in person instead of e-mails or other communication ways. In other words, you and the developers are in the same premises and often interact privately.

The major benefit of this engagement model is commencement of greater opacity and understanding between the customer and the provider. Other benefits include:

  • Zero accidentals of communication gap.
  • First hand acknowledge of real scenario in clients’ sensibility.
  • Minimum possibilities of modifications at the end of the production process.
  • It also cut down time-to market time on the part of the customers.

On site model therefore is ideal for you, if your idea requires your constant presence and approval.