At Skywide, we proposition you with partnership programs to join with us and benefit from rewarding business models. Our idea behind partnership package is to work together with joining forces and create momentous value out of it for a mutual growth.

We have four different partnership plans for different teams:

  • Representative of Skywide
  • Outsourcing Partnership
  • Reseller Partnership
  • Referral Partnership


Outsourcing Partnership

For Software or a Web Development Company with additional work than your crew can handle or you have precise requirements but shortage in-house capability to furnish them, outsource your projects to Skywide. Our team works for your customer on your behalf. You co-ordinate with your customer all through the execution of the project and we only act as a back end team of your company.


Reseller Partnership

For self-determining marketing professional or a business professional with a client base needful the services Skywide offer, this is the model for you. Through this model, you offer our services to your patrons at your rates using your brand name or ours. It is like having your private software development company. However you emphasis on advertising, growing your client base, collecting project requirements and reassigning project details to the Skywide System team for feasibility study and work estimation, we keep ourselves full of activity with programming and developing the project as per your conditions. We will not communicate with your client directly and keep Skywide vague from them.


Representative of Skywide

Here you will be showing the Representative of Skywide Systems for your specific location or region. All inquiries from customers in your area will be engaged with you. You will be answerable to client interface while our development team will execute the project. For all such closed projects, all your determinations would be remunerated by a mutually definite commission percentage.


Referral Partnership

This Partnership model outfits the professionals who can sponsor our services overseas. You discuss our services to your customers. If the referral leads converted to an order, we will pay you the referral remuneration. For all the amenities delivered, we go beyond the standard salutation, and try and join with our customers on a personal level so as to determine their requirements properly and answer immediately.