Academic projects assist undergraduate to expand better technological capability. We have developed an exclusive realistic methodology to give a real project experience to the learners.


Selection Procedure

Step 1: Register your group with Skywide Systems, once registration is done we will provide one unique registration number.

Step 2:  We will communicate with you to identify about your preferred field, technology & project title, on which you would be interested to work on project. Project trainer will be allocated to groups for any guidance.

Step 3: We will update you to come at company spot for further technical test and aptitude test on your selected technology.

Step 4: Personal interaction with project trainer will be held on basis of your technical test results.

Step 5: Project allocation as per your required time schedule will be emailed.

Step 6 :

  • 1st week -Training for specific technical necessities.
  • 2nd week – Allocate dummy work related to your project subject to check whether are you able to do live project or not.
  • 3rd week – Training will be given for live project, design, scope, coding structure, naming convention etc.
  • 4th week –Onwards live project will start.


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